Ivy and Ladies’ Code Show Shocked Reactions to Rumble Fish’s MV “The Virulent Song”

Teaser #3 was released for Rumble Fish‘s upcoming MV “The Virulent Song.” The teaser showed the reactions to the MV from singer Ivy, rapper Yang Dong Geun, girl group Ladies’ Code and singer Kim Bum Soo. The onlooking stars were surprised and amazed by the MV.

Rumble Fish’s upcoming single “The Virulent Song” has a vintage feel, and the melody seems to be played from a record player. In the teaser, Rumble Fish is wearing a white outfit rocking her new white hairdo.

Rumble Fish’s new album “I Am Rumble Fish” will be released on January 15. This is the singer’s comeback after a year and 3 month hiatus.

You can see the stars’ reactions in the video below.

Here is teaser #2 for “The Virulent Song.”