Rocker Jung Joon Young Introduces Older Brother to Wife Jung Yoo Mi on “We Got Married”

On the January 11 episode of reality show “We Got Married,” rocker Jung Joon Young introduces his similar looking older brother Jung Joon Ha to his on screen wife Yoo Mi during a delicious dinner.

Jung Joon Ha is older by one year, and the siblings have similar mannerisms and resemble each other in many ways. The meeting begins with the siblings getting along so well that Yoo Mi feels left out. During the dinner, Jung Joon Ha recalls their childhood and how they would always go to the karaoke rooms. Jung Joon Young admits that his brother is actually a better singer, but couldn’t do voice vibrations well. Jung Joon Ha also invites the married couple to his own marriage.

So what do you guys think about Jung Joon Young’s older brother?