Parody of Chu Sarang on “Oot Cha Sa” Stirs Anger and Controversy

Although one may have no malice intention, certain boundaries should not be crossed. That seems to be the case for SBS’ comedy program, “Oot Cha Sa,” as one of the show’s corner seemed to have crossed the boundary between being humorous and being offensive.

On the January 10 broadcast of SBS’ “Oot Cha Sa” the comedy show introduced a new corner called ‘Cho Sarang,’ in which it followed characters ‘Cho Sung Hoon’ and his daughter ‘Cho Sarang.’ The new corner and the characters were obviously derived from Chu Sung Hoon and his daughter Chu Sarang, who currently star in the KBS variety show, “Superman Returns.”

chu sa rang chu sung hoon

However, the new corner instantly became a controversy as people viewed the parody as offensive rather than comedic. The exaggerated actions of Chu Sarang, emphasis on Chu Sung Hoon’s Korean accent, and focus on Chu Sung Hoon’s wife’s body figure and Japanese culture hit the wrong chord; the corner was quite uncomfortable to watch for many.

In response to the controversy, “Oot Cha Sa” has confirmed that they will cancel the corner, explaining that there was no intent to belittle the family. Furthermore, Chu Sung Hoon’s agency Bonboo Entertainment told Star News, “Chu Sung Hoon and his family believe that such corner was created because of the popularity and attention towards their family, and are thankful. However, Chu Sung Hoon regrets that viewers were unable to agree with the contents of the corner. He believes that SBS and staff have quickly settled this issue, and hopes that there will be a better chance in the future for him and his family to communicate with viewers through SBS.”

With news that “Oot Cha Sa” will not be continuing the corner, we can hope that the comedy program will learn from this mistake to create a better humorous environment. Currently, Chu Sung Hoon, his daughter Chu Sarang, and his wife, Yano Shiho, are receiving love through the KBS show, “Superman Returns,” which highlights how fathers take care of their children for a few days without the assistance of their wives.

KBS’ “Superman Returns” broadcasts every Sundays at 4:55PM (KST). In the meantime, check out SBS’ “Oot Cha Sa’s” corner, ‘Cho Sarang’ below. What do you think?

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