Model Song Kyung Ah Says “Running Man” Kim Jong Kook Talks Too Much

Model Song Kyung Ah revealed her discontent with Kim Jong Kook talking too much and being timid.

The model appeared on the January 12 episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” and said, “I didn’t know that Kim Jong Kook had so much doubt or was so timid. His physique is huge, but he talks so much.” She said, “Eventually, responding, ‘Yes, yes..’ (I exploded),” making everyone laugh.

However, it seems Kim Jong Kook thought otherwise. He said, “Our opinions in terms of cooking were pretty similar. And since she cooks a lot better than I do, I tried to not say so much,” seeming satisfied.

At this Song Kyung Ah joked, “There is no need to call it chemistry. I did everything.”

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