What Sets Big Bang Apart from Other Hallyu Stars?

Watanabe Yoshimi (46), president of YG Japan discussed Big Bang’s status in Japan.

On January 13 before Big Bang’s final Japan dome tour in Osaka, President Yoshimi held a press conference with reporters. He discussed the reason for Big Bang’s status and success in Japan.

When he was posed with the question, “What makes Big Bang different from other Hallyu stars?” he answered, “Compared with other Hallyu stars, there is a stronger perception that Big Bang is a global artist. In Japan, the fan base can be divided into two groups: fans that like Japanese music, and fans who like Western music. However, fans from both groups tend to like Big Bang’s music and sense of fashion.” 

Since November 16, 2013, Big Bang has been touring around Japan for their six-dome tour. They made stops in Saitama, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Sapporo. The group attracted 771,000 fans in a total of 17 shows. It was especially meaningful because Big Bang was the first overseas artist to reach the six-dome tour status.

In connection to why fans are exceptionally fond of Big Bang, President Yoshimi remarked, “The group is highly skilled in music, fashion, and dance, and this is how the public perceives the group. Naturally, many young fans became admirers of Big Bang’s fashion and music. They gained popularity through dance and music, and they also gave fans a sense of familiarity through appearances on various Japanese variety shows.”

In reference to Big Bang’s status in Japan, he stated, “If you turn on the TV during prime time, the show in which Seungri is the host is on. When you turn on a music program, you’ll see G-Dragon. If you go to the movie theater, T.O.P.’s movie is playing. Big Bang is a part of the Japanese people’s lifestyles. Five members each with their individuality come together to perform which creates even a greater synergy effect.” 

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