Kara’s Goo Hara Celebrates Birthday with a Cheesy Smile and Cake

Happy birthday to Kara’s Goo Hara!

Multi-entertainer Goo Hara is born on January 13, 1991 and is now officially 23 years old (24 in Korean). To celebrate, she tweeted a photo thanking a sports apparel on their congratulatory gift. “Thank you. Adidas.”

The photo shows a big white cake with Adidas’ logo and the message “Happy Birthday” iced in sky blue frosting.

Goo Hara proudly poses with the birthday cake, giving the camera a cheesy grin and peace signs. She sports a casual chic look with gray knit sweater on top of plain white tees and adds some spice with knee-ripped cropped jeans. She finishes off the look by sporting a neatly styled bun.

Meanwhile, member Nicole is not renewing her contract with DSP Entertainment and many rumors have spread guessing as to what she’ll decide on doing after her contract ends.

kara goo hara