TVXQ’s “Tense” Tops Weekly Charts in Korea and Taiwan

TVXQ‘s seventh studio album “Tense” has shot straight to the top of both domestic and Taiwanese charts.

The album celebrating the group’s tenth anniversary was released on January 6. After a week, it could be seen on the number one spot on weekly charts of Hanteo Chart, Hot Tracks, Synnara Records, and other major music distribution companies in Korea. Despite being away from the scene for a year and three months, TVXQ has maintained its irresistible charm.

“Tense” has been successful on the charts not only domestically, but also in Taiwan. The album ranked first on Five Music‘s Korean-Japanese weekly chart, confirming the group’s international appeal. 

This chart-sweeping album has not gone unnoticed in the US either. Soon after the release, Billboard did a thorough review of the album, giving it their stamp of approval and describing it as a piece that would satisfy the fans of Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, and R&B. You can read the full review here.

TVXQ is currently actively promoting their title track, the funky and groovy “Something.”