Gary Releases Teaser #4 for “Shower Later” (Rated R)

Warning: The following video and contents are filled with over the top tease and sexiness.

Wipe out the image that you have of Gary as “Running Man’s” goofy member, because the Leessang member released another teaser video for his solo debut track, “Shower Later,” and it is filled with very sexy ladies.

On January 13, the singer released his fourth teaser video for his upcoming new song, “Shower Later.” Although we only get a glimpse of the song’s tune, we can assume that the phrase, ‘Shower Later’ is directed to beautiful ladies around the man. The teaser video shows women in tight tops and very short shorts, foreshadowing the intensity of sexiness the music video will present.

Unlike his goofy and funny character as the other half of Monday Couple on SBS’ “Running Man,” Gary shows his charismatic side in the new teaser as the singer is briefly shown wearing dark shades, a cheetah print jacket, while holding an umbrella during a seemingly rainy day. One thing for sure is that like his womanizer image on “Running Man,” the music video conveys a Gary as a smooth womanizer.

Gary’s “Shower Later” is set to be released on January 15. Check out the teaser below!