Joo Won, Chansung, and Im Yoon Ho Relax in Tokyo

Joo Won, Chansung, and Im Yoon Ho from the drama “7th Grade Civil Servant” were recently seen hanging out together in Tokyo.

Joo Won released a photo of the group from his Twitter account on January 13, along with the comment “I had an enjoyable time. Chansung and Yoon Ho I love you guys. From Tokyo.” The photo shows the three guys looking like good friends, even as shooting for “7th Grade Civil Servant” has been completed.

Having seen the photos, Netizens said “’7th Grade Civil Servant’ friendship is nice to see,” “So the three gentlemen Joo Won, Chansung and Yoon Ho are hanging out,” “I wanna see more ‘7th Grade Civil Servant’,” “Joo Won is cute,” and “You guys are looking handsome.”

Meanwhile Joo Won is currently appearing in the musical “Ghost”.