Park Joon Hyung Celebrates g.o.d’s 15th Anniversary with a Handwritten Letter to Fans

On January 13, g.o.d.’s Park Joon Hyung posted on a photo of his hand-written message on his Instagram. He wrote, “To our family Fangod, Wow! 15 years have passed by so quickly. I want to thank all of you for always supporting us and always being there for us. I always say this, but I want you to remember if it weren’t for you guys, g.o.d. would have never existed, and we would not be here today.”

He concluded his message writing, “Thank you very very much, and hope you will be with us always. I love you. Since it’s our 15th anniversary, I’m posting this at 15:00.” His sensible words and lack of Korean grammar made fans smile.

Meanwhile, there have been reports that the members of g.o.d. have been in talks of reuniting as a group since last year. However, nothing has been confirmed. 

Park Joon