Bobby Kim Works with His Father Again for the First Time in 9 Years

Singer Bobby Kim is working with his father again, for the first time since his first album, “Whale’s Dream,” 9 years ago.

On January 14, Buga Kingz (Bobby Kim, Gan-D, Juvie Train) member Gan-D posted online, “A shot of Bobby’s awesome father, featured on Bobby’s album,” with a photo of the two working together.

That day, Bobby Kim seemed worried about what to do concerning the session costs for having his father, a professional musician, come in to play. Bobby’s management said, “Bobby thought paying his father for the session would be rude, but at the same time, not paying a professional musician for his work would be rude, as well. So, in the end, he decided on a gift card.”

Bobby was extremely satisfied with his father’s participation, saying “I think my father’s trumpet sound has gotten even deeper.”

Bobby Kim is planning on releasing his fourth album this coming February.