ZE:A’s Im Siwan Skipped Meals to Portray More Realistic Character

ZE:A group member and actor Im Siwan recently talked about having to go on a diet for his latest movie scene. 

On January 10, Im Siwan made a guest appearance on SBS Power FM’s “Jang Ki Ha’s Amazing Radio” and talked about his experiences while filming for the movie, “The Attorney.” In order to make his character appear more realistic, he revealed that he went on a diet and even cut off drinking alcohol altogether.

“During a scene I shot with Kim Young Ae and Song Kwang Ho, I didn’t eat anything the entire day. We shot that scene early on so I definitely felt the pressure. In order to show an impoverished and haggard appearance, I decided to control what I ate.” 

Netizens commented, “Wow, Im Siwan looked really skinny in that scene,” “I think Im Siwan’s acting was great,” and “I saw the movie, and the difference was compelling.”