“Reply 1994” Actor Jung Woo Invites You Under the Covers for “The Celebrity”

Actor Jung Woo recently took off his t-shirt and exposed his toned upper body for a fashion shoot spread in “The Celebrity.” 

For one of the photos, he casually lies on top of a bed and poses as though he’d just woken up from under the covers one lazy morning. According to sources from the set, the actor captivated certain staff members when he exposed his lean yet toned body. 

He also sat down for an interview with the magazine and talked about being at the center of attention after starring as “Trash” in tvN’s hit drama series, “Reply 1994.” “At first, I was astounded at the amount of attention I received. I definitely felt the pressure but now I am slowly learning how to express my gratitude,” he said. 

Jung Woo’s photos will be featured in the february issue of “The Celebrity.” 

jungwoo_celebrity_1 jungwoo_theceleb1 Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 11.33.51 PM