PSY Apologizes to Fans During Speech at 28th Golden Disk Awards

PSY has won the digital daesang award (top single) for the second year in a row with his hit single “Gentleman” at the 28th Golden Disk Awards.

The crowd cheered loudly as he walked up to the stage to receive the award. He thanked the crowd for their support and also apologized for not receiving the award in person last year.

He said “It’s been a while since being here, and the popularity is amazing. I also wanted to receive the award in person last year, and I apologize for having greeted you through a video last year. I came to receive it today. I am almost finished with my new single, and I hope you will enjoy it.”

You can watch PSY accept the award below.

More pictures of the star studded night can be found at this gallery. Awards results here.

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