Rainbow Blaxx Enjoys Sweets in Seductive Teaser #3 for “Cha Cha”

Rainbow‘s sexy sub-unit, Rainbow Blaxx, released their third teaser for their upcoming track “Cha Cha‘ through Loen Entertainment‘s official YouTube channel.

Rainbow Blaxx consists of members JaekyungHyunyoungSeung Ah and Woori, and the sub unit has previously released a few teaser photos and an audio preview to the tracks in their single album. Their previous teaser video showed a different, yet still sexy, style with their “style film” like video and dark lacy clothes. This teaser brings more color to Rainbow Blaxx as the members seductively eat and surround themselves with sweet goodies.

“Chacha” is retro disco dance song composed by Yoon Sang and East4a and will be released on January 20.