Actress Nam Sang Mi Celebrates 11th Anniversary Since Debut with Fans

Actress Nam Sang Mi recently celebrated her 11th anniversary since debut with fans.

Photos from the special “Thank You” party the actress held for her fans at a local cafe were posted online on January 17. Fans who had shared tears and laughter with Nam Sang Mi across her eleven years worth of movies and dramas were all gathered at the event to celebrate the momentous occasion. The actress starred in films such as “Kangryeok 3Ban,” “Possessed” and dramas, “Sweet Spy,” “Life Is Beautiful,” “Lights and Shadows” and “Goddess of Marriage.” 

The actress blew out all the candles on the cake that the fans had prepared for her and answered questions from fans. The actress was also moved to tears from the video montage fans had dedicated to commemorate her acting career of over a decade. 

Her agency JR Entertainment stated, “After meeting with fans who had supported her career since debut, Nam Sang Mi was filled with joy and gratitude. She plans to work even harder than ever on future projects to show improvement and growth as an actress.” 

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