Himchan Exudes Charisma in “1004(Angel)” Music Video Still Cut

A sneak preview photo of Himchan filming for B.A.P‘s upcoming music video has been released.

Himchan’s fellow member and the group’s youngest, Zelo, shared the photo through his twitter account and wrote, “Bang.” In the picture, Himchan is holding a revolver as he stares intently into something unknown in front of him. 

According to a representative of their agency, during filming Himchan had shown the charisma of a leading man in a movie. He showed excellent acting as he gave it his all in his crying for a particularly emotional scene. 

B.A.P. will make a comeback in February with their first full album “First Sensibility.” Their main track, “1004 (Angel)” will show the members in a softer more dandier style than their previous fierce images. The album and the music video will drop February 3.