Girls’ Generation’s Jessica Is Ready for Summer

Soompiers, are you ready for summer yet? In the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature is low, requiring heavy layers of clothing. Many are ready to shed these layers, looking forward to the warm weather. In recent photos, it looked as if Girls’ Generation member Jessica was also ready for summer.

In the photo uploaded on January 17 on her Weibo account, Jessica seems to be in the middle of filming for a clothing advertisement. The film set looked as if it was ready for summer, as well a Jessica. In the photos, Jessica has cute yet chic poses. She is lightly dressed with a straw hat, short-sleeved shirt, mini-skirt, and sleeveless dress. Her outfits flatter her slim figure and long legs.

Netizens left comments like “She looks like a Barbie doll” and “I can’t wait for the comeback of Girls’ Generation.”

Meanwhile, on January 16, Girls’ Generation won the Popularity Award and Bongsang at the 28th Golden Disk Award which was held at Kyung Hee University, Seoul.