After School’s Nana Reveals Members’ Reaction Upon Her Making the “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013” List

Nana of After School recently shared her thoughts on being chosen as the second most beautiful face of 2013.

On January 19, she appeared on MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News” and was asked to comment on making the respected “100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2013” list, put together by The Independent Critics

Nana started off by saying, “It is honestly very amazing. My parents and friends congratulated me a lot and really liked the news.” However, she then revealed how the rest of After School reacted to her achievement, and could not help but laugh as she said, “The members think the same as me. They think it’s ridiculous.”

She continued, “Still, Jung Ah said to me, ‘Nana, be proud about it and have some self-respect,’ and made me feel happy with her nice words.” 

When asked to choose her favorite facial feature, she picked her angular jawline. “In the past, I was jealous of those with a smooth V-line. But now, I find a square jaw attractive,” and revealed her confidence in having a strong but charming jawline.