Lee Hi Appears on K-Pop Star Season 3, Shows off a More Mature Look

Lee Hi appeared on the January 19 episode of SBS’s “Survival Audition: K-Pop Star Season 3” and talked about how she felt when she was auditioning during the show’s first season, relating to the current participants as their senior. 

This was the first time in a while that Lee Hi had appeared on television, and she was looking as mature as ever, much different from when she was a contestant on “K-Pop Star.”

On the episode, the team competitions were all over, and the casting auditions were coming up. Lee Hi said, “At my first casting audition, I was so nervous. Whether or not they are cast is riding on this audition, so I bet the participants are really nervous, too.” 

Season 2’s Shin Ji Hoon also revealed how she felt at the time of her audition, and said, “Even more than pass or fail, I wanted to hear ‘You have been cast by…’ so much. It just hit home much more than ‘pass’ or ‘fail.’”

lee hi