Lee Young Ae Looks Lovely in a Hanbok for Marie Claire Magazine

Veteran actress Lee Young Ae looks elegant wearing the colorful and wavy hanbok (Korean traditional dress). The actress appears on the cover of the February issue of Marie Claire fashion magazine and is also featured in a pictorial.

The full cover design of the hanbok emphasizes the face and posture of the wearer, and Lee Young Ae does not disappoint with her beautifully styled hair and light make up. The light colors of the dress go well with her pale skin tone.

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Lee Young Ae is currently preparing for the premiere of her new two part SBS documentary “Lee Young Ae’s Banquet” on February 2 and 9. Through out the show, she will research the history of Korean food as she travels to foreign lands including Mongolia, Japan and China. Below is a clip of Lee Young Ae promoting her upcoming documentary.