Ga In Invites You to Play “Truth of Dare” in Teaser Photo

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In released the first teaser photo for her upcoming track, “Truth of Dare.”

The teaser photo shows Ga In looking alluring as she lies on a bed, wearing a simple gray sweater. The bright light that accents her face and she invites you with her eyes to play Truth or Dare.

 “Truth or Dare” will be the title track of her third mini album. It has been almost a year and a half since she last officially promoted as a solo artist. Ga In will sing the song not just a female singer, but as a woman with a feminine perspective. The song will have confessions that Ga In can personally reveal from her life. The mini album will also host a variety of genres such as pop, ballad, electronic, and funky pop, showing how Ga In has evolved and matured as a musician.

Ga In will release “Truth or Dare” on January 27. 

ga in