Song Ji Hyo Reveals When She Wants to Get Married

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently opened up about her honest thoughts on marriage.

On January 21, she attended the press conference of tvN‘s latest Friday-Saturday drama “Emergency Couple,” held at the Imperial Palace Hotel in Gangnam. As a cast member, she received various question from the reporters, and was asked to share her opinions on topics related to the drama’s theme – romance.

“Naturally, I have to get married,” Song Ji Hyo replied when asked what she thinks of marriage, and continued, “Marriage, you either take it or leave it. I want to get married in the future.”

She explained, “When you are young, it is okay to enjoy your own freedom. I think that you should regret everything later. I am still caught up in a fantasy, and if I later enter my dreams, I hope to be happy. However, I am satisfied with my current life, so I don’t want to enter that dream world,” and revealed her plans to settle down later in the future. 

Her on-screen partner Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts, “I think I had the concept of an ideal marriage on my mind when I was young. After my friends got married at unusually young age, my thoughts have changed. As the weather has gotten colder, I think of marriage whenever I have a hard time.”

Song Ji Hyo and Choi Jin Hyuk star in the upcoming drama “Emergency Couple,” and they act a couple that meets again in the emergency room after getting divorced six years ago. 

The pilot episode will air on January 24 at 8.40pm (KST).