G.IAM Returns as Three Member Vocal Group with “You’re My Everything” MV

The once six-member idol group G.IAM has returned as a three-member vocal group.

On January 21, G.IAM came back with their fourth single “You’re My Everything.”

The remaining three in the group are A-Tom, U1 and Paulo. They have shed their previous image and have returned with a completely new concept. Paulo displayed his exceptional vocal skills with his husky voice, U1 showed his emotional rapping skills and A-Tom will be exhibiting his powerful dance performances through broadcast.

“You’re My Everything” is a mid-tempo ballad with hip-hop aspects and is about a sad break up.

G.IAM’s agency rep commented, “The song is mainstream and highlights each member’s unique characteristics as well.”

After releasing their song, G.IAM will be carrying out their promotions by appearing on several music programs in Korea and Japan as well.

Meanwhile, former member Eunyul left the group for personal reasons while Gyulsil and Vega formed a new group with the addition of two other members from Japan and are planning on their activities at the moment.

Check out the music video for “You’re My Everything” below!