B.A.P to Hold a Solo Concert in March with Performances from Their New Album “First Sensibility”

B.A.P, with their first full album “First Sensibility” coming up, is set to hit the stage once again with their solo concert “B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul 2014,” to be held on March 8 and 9 at the Olympic Park SK Handball Stadium. Fans are as excited as ever, getting a comeback with the title track “1004” (Angel) as well as a solo concert from B.A.P at the same time. 

The boys gathered almost 50,000 fans during their “B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific” tour, which visited 4 U.S. cities and 5 Asian countries, and they gathered 40,000 during their first Japan tour, “Warrior Begins.” This upcoming concert will most definitely be a continuation of this success and B.A.P’s reputation as ‘performance idols.’ 

During their last tour, every single performance was sold out, and this time around, B.A.P is not going to disappoint, having included fresh performances for songs from their new album, making for a ‘must see’ concert.

TS Entertainment said, “Having spent a lot of time with fans through performances since the beginning, B.A.P is once again actively participating with care in the planning and preparation for the upcoming solo concert.” 

With the release of some charismatic teaser images, B.A.P just recently started the countdown to their comeback.

b.a.p concert