Lim Kim and Do Dae Yoon Reuinte for “Togeworl” Photo

One of “Super Star K‘s” most popular duos, Togeworl, reunited for a photo, and they it’s good to see them together again. 

Togeworl’s agency, Mystic89, shared the photo through its Twitter account and wrote, “Many fans came to congratulate Lim Kim on her birthday. Dae Yoon also! A picture of the two together!”

In the picture Lim Kim and Do Dae Yoon smile and offer victory signs for the photo. It has been awhile since the two of them were seen together. Lim Kim, who was known as Kim Ye Rim during their “Super Star K” days, promoted as a solo artist while Do Dae Yoon focused on his studies since summer of last year. 

According to Mystic89, Do Dae Yoon has recently finished his studies in the U.S. and the duo is currently preparing to get back together officially. No comeback date has been set yet.