Wonder Girls’ Hyerim Updates Fans with Recent Selca

Wonder Girls’ Hyerim updated her fans through her selca on Instagram on January 22. Along with the picture, the singer wrote, “My room is filled with pictures of inspiration.”

In the picture, Hyerim looks comfy with a t-shirt and her hair down. With her porcelain skin and enormous eyes matched with cute pink lips, it looks like the singer has become become even prettier while resting.

Fans who saw her updated selca, netizens commented, “She became prettier after some rest,” “So nice to see you again. When are you making your comeback?,” “I wonder what she’s doing these days.”

On another note, it has been reported that the Wonder Girls’ former leader Sunye came back to Korea from Canada for some personal reasons. Whatever the reasons are, it might be highly possible that she also came to spend some good time with the other Wonder Girls members.

Hyerim Update Selca