BTOB’s Minhyuk Drops Jaws with Flawless Chocolate Abs for “Men’s Health”

BTOB‘s Minhyuk is dropping jaws with his perfect chocolate abs for the cover of “Men’s Health” magazine.

Minhyuk was chosen as the cover model for “Men’s Health”s February edition and revealed his flawless body.

A photo shoot and interview of Minhyuk was also included in the magazine and featured a section titled “BTOB Lee Minhyuk’s Endless Self-Management.” About a week before the photo shoot, Minhyuk went through intensive training, which was captured and revealed through the interview.

Minhyuk put aside his flower boy image and put on a more masculine, rough boxer image. Minhyuk is already known for his athleticism, shown through programs like the “Idol Athletic Championships” and “Let’s Go Dream Team.” He is known to never rest when it comes to working out, which is naturally portrayed through the photo shoot.

Minhyuk is skilled in singing, rap making, dancing, acting and appearing on variety shows but on top of that, his acrobatic skills are exceptional as well. He is known to be quite a perfectionist and a very hard worker.

Minhyuk along with the other BTOB members are currently working on a new album and Minhyuk’s perfect abs photo shoot for “Men’s Health” will be carried in the February issue.

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