Baek Ji Young Praises Jun Ji Hyun’s Singing

Singer Baek Ji Young praised actress Jun Ji Hyun’s singing.

On the episode of SBS’ Wednesday – Thursday drama “Man from the Stars,” which aired on January 22, there was a scene where Chun Song Yi (played by Jun Ji Hyun) passionately sang to Baek Ji Young’s “Like Being Shot by a Bullet” after being rejected by Do Min Joon (played by Kim Soo Hyun).

On January 23, Baek Ji Young posted on her SNS account, “I laughed and cried watching Jun Ji Hyun sing ‘Like Being Shot by a Bullet’ on ‘Man from the Stars.’ She was so emotional. That’s how you’re supposed to sing.”

Along with the message, the singer also posted the scene from the drama of Jun Ji Hyun singing the song with mascara running down her face.

Meanwhile, Baek Ji Young recently appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Immortal Songs” rivals special as she performed with her charming and charismatic voice.

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