IU Becomes Gagwoman Shin Bong Sun When She Gets Mad?

In a recent game CF, singer IU had no other option but to unleash her fierce side in order to combat her enemies. In the recent television commercial for the online game “Dungeon and Fighter” the ad shows the singer combating unidentified bad guys in the snow. Yet, it seemed like IU’s sword and shield weren’t enough to fight off the growing number of enemies.

dungeon and fighter

Within moments of hiding her face, the singer quickly transforms to none other than gagwoman Shin Bong Sun. Contrasting from the cute looking, doll-like figure, IU’s supposed transformation gave her bold and fierce qualities that enabled her to fight off all her attackers. Hilariously, the television ad concluded with Shin Bong Sun returning back to her normal state, transforming back to IU.

dungeon and fighter

The implied character transformation from IU to Shin Bong Son is also a subtle jab at the singer’s antis. Previously, IU’s anti-fans had attacked the singer by stating that she looked like Shin Bong Sun, trying to bring down the singer’s beauty. Yet, it seems like the jokes on them as the ability to use both IU and Shin Bong Sun in a CF is a major win for both the singer and the gagwoman.

Check out the CF for “Dungeon and Fighter” below!