Jung Joon Ha Loses More Than 60 Pounds: “I Now Have Fun Picking Out Clothes”

Jung Joon Ha opens up about how he feels after successfully losing weight.

On January 24, he made a guest appearance on radio program “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

The television personality said, “There were many people trying to distract me from my diet. I now have the nickname ‘Grandfather Jung Joon.’”

DJ Kim Shin Young shared, “Some time before when I was dieting, Jung Joon Ha told me, ‘You gained health, but lost character.’ That kind of person lost weight.”

He responded, “I lost around sixty-six pounds (30kg). I said those words to Kim Shin Young, but people are very self-centered. In the end, I’ve tried as well. I can live like this, and I now have fun buying and picking out clothes. I think that it’s a change.”

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