“We Got Married” Couple Wooyoung and Park Se Young Take Their First Couple Photo

2PM member Wooyoung and actress Park Se Young recently took their first steps as the newest couple joining the “We Got Married” season four lineup!

On January 25, the couple went on an ice fishing trip together and delved into deeper topics to get to know each other better. 

In the middle of their conversation, Wooyoung suggested they take a photo. “I want to use photos like these to decorate the wall of our home,” he said. 

Since it was their first time filming together, the celebrity couple appeared a tad shy and awkward around each other. After attempting a shot, Wooyoung examined the photo by himself before suggesting they take it again. When they took another one, Park Se Young suggested a redo once more. In the end, Park Se Young leaned a little bit closer for a better photo, and the two appeared to have grown closer after their brief photo time. 

Park Se Young also complimented Wooyoung’s efforts and preparation for the date saying, “It was the first time he seemed like a man to me.” 

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