Yang Hyun Suk Reveals More Details on Big Bang’s Comeback

Yang Hyun Suk spoke to reporters at a restaurant following Big Bang’s concert in Seoul on January 26. He said, “Big Bang’s comeback this summer with a studio album is something that is on my mind. It’ll likely be in July or August.”

Big Bang’s G-Dragon had revealed the group’s comeback plans during their recent concerts. “The only way to repay our fans for their love is through our albums. We’ll be coming back this summer. Big Bang doesn’t have many full albums, so we’ll have to release another one, won’t we?”

“There’s not much time left before summer. During this time, we’ll each be working on our own activities, but also working hard to prepare our album. The Big Bang that you love will return as a group of five with our new album. We will be singers that you can be proud of. Please wait a little longer for us.”

Yang Hyun Suk confirmed the group’s plans, adding, “G-Dragon’s schedule has been emptied out beginning in March. He will be concentrating on his work for the studio album. He writes songs quickly, so there’ll be no problems with a summer comeback.”

He talked about YG artists comebacks, including PSY, Taeyang and Big Bang, as well as the debut of four rookie teams. It looks like 2014 will be a big year for YG!