Block B Pushes Back Comeback Due to Overseas Promotions

Male group Block B will postpone their comeback scheduled for February, and focus on Asian promotions instead.

A source in the entertainment industry revealed to media outlet Sports Seoul on January 27, “Block B has decided to push back their comeback next month. To make the new album more polished, the new target is to come back during the first half of the year,” and continued, “Also, love calls from China and Japan won’t stop, so they have overseas concerts, promotions, and commercials on their mind.”

According to the source, Block B will perform at Arirang TV’s “Simply K-Pop” concert, taking place in Shanghai on March 22. In July, they are planning to hold a solo concert in China, which will most likely attract fans from all over the country. Block B was recently introduced to the Chinese audience through a concert program of China Central Television (CCTV), and this has reportedly had a positive effect on the size of their local fanbase.

On January 17, Block B proved their popularity by being the final act at the “2014 K-Pop Dream Concert – Happy New Year with K-Pop” held in Osaka, Japan. Even though the group has not yet released official albums in these two countries, they have a great amount of supportive fans.

To continue their successful overseas promotions, the boys will return to Japan on January 29 to perform at the “Live Arch” concert, held at Zepp Tokyo.