B.A.P Releases a Medley Preview for Their First Album “First Sensibility”

On January 27, prior to the release of their album, “First Sensibility,” B.A.P released an exclusive medley preview of their new album on Daum Music, with a track list and short descriptions for each of the songs. 

Listen to the medley here on Daum Music!

While B.A.P has previously released three mini albums and four singles, “First Sensibility” is their first full album, with 13 tracks. B.A.P worked with the Kang Ji Won-Kim Ki Bum combo as their main producers, with whom they’ve worked a lot with before, and have come up with an album featuring songs of various genres and messages. The album not only features 13 tracks, but 13 solid tracks of quality, really letting B.A.P’s talents shine through.

Here are the track descriptions:

1. B.A.P (Intro)

With a TRAP sound and heavy hip-hop beat backing the charismatic voices of the 6 members of B.A.P, the “First Sensibility” intro show’s B.A.P’s determination to “startle the world.”

2. 1004 (Angel)

“1004” was produced by TS Entertainment’s representative producers Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum, and is an acoustic dance track featuring a house beat with elements of folk and rock, telling a story of sadness and longing. 

3. Easy

“Easy” is an R&B hip-hop track that talks about how one feels post breakup, and features a warm, soft sound and a groovy bass. 

4. SPY

“SPY” features an uptempo hip-hop rhythm with a simple, but powerful brass riff. Drawing the scene of approaching someone in a crowded room like a spy, parts of this song have somewhat of an 80s/90s vintage feel.

5. Check On

“Check On” is a funky hip-hop song that talks of B.A.P’s confidence to put on a powerful performance anytime, anywhere, co-produced by Jun Da Woon and Untouchable member D.Action.

6. Shady Lady

“Shady Lady” is a slow-tempo R&B track, featuring a fresh groove. The ‘shady’ part refers to a woman who has heavy eyeshadow on, casting a shadow over her eyes. The lyrics of the song reassure the woman that she’s beautiful even without makeup.

7. Lovesick

A fun yet sad electronic house song with a rock guitar sound, “Lovesick” is about the fantasies of a guy who falls in love at first sight.

8. Bang X2

“Bang X2” has a heavy metal sound, produced by Jun Da Woon featuring Broken Valentine, and broadens the spectrum of B.A.P’s music.

9. S.N.S

Produced by Marco, “S.N.S” is a classy and groovy hip-hop R&B track that has a very strong analogue moog bass sound. The lyrics cleverly compare a beautiful woman to SNS, something many are addicted to.

10. Body & Soul

This song is B.A.P’s first venture into a slow, sexy R&B track. The song smoothly portrays the time spent with someone one loves, and really puts the vocals and rap of B.A.P in the spotlight. 

11. Save 

“Save Me” has a strong guitar riff mixed with a synth sound, and is about the resentment and trauma resulting from a breakup.

12. B.A.B.Y

This song is B.A.P’s gift to their official fan club “BABY,” produced by Marco and written by Marco and B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk. (Bang Yong Guk actually participated in the lyric writing for every single track on the album.)

13. With You

A pop R&B medium-tempo ballad, “With You” carries the message of being together no matter what, a fitting last song to their first album. 

“First Sensibility” drops on February 3!

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