Ga In Releases Twisted, Dark Yet Intimate MV for “Fxxk U” Starring Joo Ji Hoon

After releasing a series of disturbing teaser images and videos, Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In finally released her music video for “Fxxk U,” which is just as twisted and sexy as we expected.

“Fxxk U” stars Ga In herself and actor Joo Ji Hoon, as they play a hot but violent couple. The music video shows many intense yet intimate scenes tha leaves a whirlwind of emotions for the viewers. Ga In and Joo Ji Hoon do an excellent job in portraying a relationship that is destructive but one that each other can’t live without.

With the help of soul artist Bumkey, the song has a dark yet emotional give-and-take about a fatal love.

Check out the music video below and let us know what you think!