Lee Hyori Seems to Be Loving Her Married Life with Lee Sang Soon

Sexy singer Lee Hyori recently showed off that her married days are the happiest days.

On January 27, Lee Hyori posted a picture on her Instagram showing her and her husband Lee Sang Soon having a good time. Her finger was playfully placed so that it looked like she was holding Lee Sang Soon’s chin. Parts of her new home were shown recently online as well.

After her dreamy wedding in Jeju Island on September of last year, the couple enjoyed a month-long honeymoon touring various parts of Europe. The two collaborated together to create the song “I Don’t Cry” for the OST of “I Need Romance Season 3.” 

Also, Lee Hyori released a single for the tvN channel drama “I Need Romance 3,” produced a part of Ga In’s solo album and also of SPICA’s album.

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon

Lee Hyori and Lee Sang Soon 2