Park Hae Jin Shows His Dedication to Acting During SBS’s “Man From the Stars”

Newly released behind the scene photos of Park Hae Jin show the actor’s dedication towards his character, as the photos describe the professional life of a hard working actor. The three sets of the photos convey the actor continuously looking over his script and focusing on the personality of his character, Lee Hwi Kyung. Like the handsome and rich aura Lee Hwi Kyung portrays throughout the drama, Park Hae Jin’s good looks are not ignored.

Man from the Stars

The photos released by Park Hae Jin’s agency portray how the actor continuously checks his acting on the monitor, while utilizing the break times to go over his scripts. Although a drama’s success may be due to the production team’s ability to execute the storyline, one of the main reasons for a drama’s success and popularity is due to the actors’ ability to adapt and sell their characters. With Park Hae Jin working hard to perfect his character, there is no doubt that SBS’ “Man from the Stars” is a drama that successfully illustrates its plots.