Dal Shabet Treats Fans to Delicious Fried Chicken

Girl group Dal Shabet has thanked their fans by treating them to fried chicken.

On January 26, the girls held a signing session at Books Libro in Hongdae to celebrate the release of their most recent mini album “B.B.B (Big Baby Baby).”

Having made a comeback in the middle of the cold winter, their dedicated fans have followed them to various show locations despite the freezing weather. To give back to their loving fans, Dal Shabet prepared everyone’s favorite fried chicken, and personally gave out the snacks to each fan as they signed the albums. Written on the chicken box was a sweet message, “Darling is better than chicken~♥”

Dal Shabet said, “We promised our fans to buy them chicken after we make a comeback, and it feels good to keep our promise like this. We are honestly thankful to all fans, who send us their infinite love and support.”

The girl group is currently actively promoting their title track “B.B.B (Big Baby Baby)”

dal shabet