Kara Will Be Recruiting 2 New Members For a Comeback Later This Year

Kara’s agency DSP Media will be recruiting two new members to the girl-group in this first half of 2014 to replace Nicole, whose exclusive contract with DSP Media is now over, and Kang Ji Young, who will not be re-signing with DSP after her contract ends in April. Kara will then continue as a 5-member group, with a comeback planned for later this year.

A high-ranking official at DSP Media said, “After Kara members Han Seung Yeon and Park Gyuri finish up their individual activities, the team will be reorganized with two new members, and we will be releasing a new song for Kara’s comeback.”

DSP Media has already started preparing a project for the recruitment of Kara’s new members from among the agency’s trainees. One official said, “It won’t simply be just choosing two trainees, but doing it in a way that the current Kara members and fans can agree with the decision.” The official stated that he would reveal any updates with more specific details to the media.

Meanwhile, Nicole has withdrawn from Kara, and gone to New York in preparation for a solo album, and Kang Ji Young has stated that she does not plan on re-signing with DSP.

DSP said in an official statement: “After April, Kara will be reformed around Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, and Goo Hara, after which Kara will continue their activities.”