Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Looking Sexy Chic

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In was pictured looking very fashionable during a photo shoot. 

Despite her profile height being only 5’3 (although her real height may be different), Ga In pulled off a sexy black and white look with ease. The singer was spotted filming for a photoshoot, and the fashion sense was undeniably perfect. A photo of Ga In shows the singer wearing a loose white t-shirt that contrasted with her tight white skinny jeans. However, to compliment the white, Ga In wore a black leather jacket that matched with her black high heels.

brown eyed girls

Although sadly we could not see the singer’s iconic smoky eye makeup, the dark shades nonetheless complimented the singer’s white, milky skin. Recently, Ga In released her solo album “Truth Or Dare” featuring the attention grabbing title song Fxxk U.”

“Fxxk U” features singer BUMKEY, and the music video for the song conveyed a very steamy love story between Ga In and actor Joo Ji Hoon.