Shin Hyun Joon Is Released from the Hospital After His Nose Surgery

Actor Shin Hyun Joon was just released from the hospital after recently having surgery on his nose for a sinus infection and his septum.

The actor tweeted on January 28, “To everyone who was worried, thank you very much.” He continued, “Coming home from the hospital, there was food left at the security office for me. The ‘Weekly Entertainment’ writer left it there. My second family that I’ve met every Saturday for four years, the ‘Weekly Entertainment’ team. Thank you so much, it was very touching.”

On January 25, Shin Hyun Joon also posted an apology on his Twitter for missing the live broadcast of “Weekly Entertainment” due to delayed recovery from his surgery. KBS announcer Han Seok Joon stood in for Shin Hyun Joon for the day.