YG’s Yang Hyun Suk Will Keep His Promise to Big Bang

Big Bang is in their 8th year right now, but the members’ solidarity and abilities continue to grow. When I debuted Big Bang, I said on BIGBANG TV (Big Bang’s documentary) that ‘Big Bang will become a group who will keep on going for a long time with their fans.’ If anything, I have kept that promise and I will definitely continue to do so in future.”

It’s evident that nothing has changed about the affection and trust that Yang Hyun Suk has for Big Bang, who have gained recognition internationally. He was speaking to the press after Big Bang’s concert in Seoul ended on January 26. “It’s fairly common for groups to disband after being active for not very long. Seo Taiji and Boys retired after 4 years and it was too bad we had to part with the fans, but that’s definitely not going to happen with Big Bang.”

According to the YG Entertainment CEO, the biggest contributing factor to Big Bang’s longevity is their solid skills as musicians. “As time goes by, Big Bang has gone beyond just Asia, they’ve gained recognition on the world stage, in America and Europe as well. The group has been praised for their musicality in the New York Times and other mainstream American media, and also by Billboard.”

He says his role is to ensure that Big Bang has the support they need to showcase their abilities. “Big Bang has long had free reign on their music. I’m just beside them to give them advice and whatever they need, so I’m kind of like salt.”

YG is changing, and that is something that Yang Hyun Suk knows well. He has been a night owl for many years, but became an early riser this year and is now fully dedicated to his work.

This year, Big Bang , 2NE1 and PSY are all coming back and we’ve also got rookies to debut. It feels exactly the same as when YG was just getting its name out, with acts like Big Mama, Gummy, Wheesung and Se7en. The rookies who were preparing for debut back then were Big Bang and 2NE1. Now Big Bang and 2NE1 are going out into the world and it’s time to make a new leap forward.”

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