Han Hye Jin Says She Is Moving to Europe in February, and Talks About Having Children

On January 29, actress Han Hye Jin revealed in an interview with Star News that she will soon be headed to Europe where her husband, soccer player Ki Sung Yong is. 

The actress is currently starring in the SBS drama “A Word from a Warm Heart,” and after it ends, she will be leaving for Europe. She said, “After filming the drama, I’ll be going to Europe in mid-February. I don’t know when I’m coming back, but I will probably stay in Europe until the end of the [soccer] season in May.”

When asked about children, Han Hye Jin replied, “I think it’ll happen naturally. If it’s planned out, I heard it’s just more stressful. Work, kids, we’re just going with the flow.”

Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yong tied the knot last July, and since then have been busy with their individual work in Korea and Europe, respectively. Han Hye Jin had even expressed thanks to her husband for his understanding of her work and the restrictive situation.

In other news, Han Hye Jin’s new movie “When a Man Loves” premiered last week on January 22.