Seo In Gook Gains Ten Thousand Followers with New SNS Account, Releases Chinese Version of “With Laughter or With Tears”

Good news for fans hungry for some more of Seo In Gook.

The singer and actor recently opened up an account on social networking site Weibo. He quickly gained over ten thousand fans just a day after it opened proving his current popularity.

On January 29, he posted, “Hello~ This is Seo In Gook! There’s already over ten thousand followers! I’m so happy. ^.^ Thank you for the wonderful Lunar New Years gift! Have a great new year and be more prosperous!”

seo in gook

A representative from his agency stated, “The last time Seo In Gook had an activity in China was at the end of last November for the ‘15th Korea China Music Festival’ in Beijing. it looks like he’ll deeply move the public with Chinese subtitles for his track ‘With Laughter or With Tears.’”

Check out the music video below!