Lee Jong Hyuk Is Currently Looking Over the Script for New Thriller, “Missing 2”

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk recently received a proposal for the movie “Missing 2” and is looking it over.

An official at the actor’s agency, GnG Production, revealed to OSEN on January 30, “After receiving the offer for the role of a psychopath, he [Lee Jong Hyuk] is considering transforming his image. In MBC’s “Daddy Where Are We Going,” he built a friendly character for himself, but after leaving the show, he has been contemplating whether he will completely change it.” 

“Missing 2,” a thriller, is the sequel to “Missing” (2009), starring Moon Sung Geun and Chu Ja Hyun.

If Lee Jong Hyuk decides to do the movie, it will be his first movie in 3 years since “Hindsight” in 2011.