Gagwoman Jung Ju Ri to Make a Cameo in “Emergency Couple”

Gagwoman Jung Ju Ri is set to make a hilarious cameo in tvN’s “Emergency Couple.” The gagwoman, known for her infectious smile and hilarious comments, will appear on the January 31 episode of the tvN drama. Although a short appearance, Jung Ju Ri is bound to make a lasting impression.

In regards to Jung Ju Ri’s cameo, Yoon Hyun Ki PD commented, “Jung Ju Ri wanted to support the actors with whom she shared the same agency. I won’t tell you Jung Ju Ri’s role since it will be a spoiler, but we expect that she will cause many laughs. Please anticipate her appearance.”

Furthermore, the gagwoman herself expressed, “I am honored to appear as a cameo in ‘Emergency Couple.’ Importantly, I am happy that I could world with such a good looking actor as Choi Jin Hyuk.”

emergency man and woman

“Emergency Couple” left off with a suspenseful ending as Choi Jin Hyuk’s character, Oh Chang Min, fell unconscious after accidentally being electrocuted by Song Ji Hyo’s character, Oh Jin Hee, during efforts to try and save Chang Min from a gun holding patient.

Catch the episode three of “Emergency Couple” on January 31 to see the outcome of Song Ji Hyo’s and Choi Jin Hyuk’s emergency situation, as well as to see hilarious woman Jung Ju Ri’s special cameo!