Lee Young Ae’s Twin Children Make Special Appearance on Broadcast

With Korea celebrating the Lunar New Year, it’s expected that people spend time with their families during the holiday. For actress Lee Young Ae, however, the past several years has constantly been focused on raising her twin children. In a special two week documentary, the actress will show what her personal life is like raising young twins while also being a loving wife.

Lee Young Ae’s documentary plans to understand the hidden stories behind the food that we eat. The subject is perfect for the actress as she is well known for her historical drama, “Jewel in the Palace,” which involved culinary arts in preparation for the King’s meals.

The special clips of the actress’ twin children, Jung Seung Kwon and Jung Seung Bin, portray how Lee Young Ae is a normal mother outside her celebrity status. As Lee Young Ae has been away from spotlight for several years, the documentary is a special treat for the actress’ fans. Check out the teaser for the Lee Young Ae’s special New Year documentary; the first part of the documentary will air on February 2.