Kang Won Rae: “I Want to Give Hope to Infertile Couples”

Former Clon member, Kang Won Rae, will be joining a variety show that aims to give hope to infertile couples.  On January 27, the former singer was part of a press conference for the New Year pilot episode of KBS’ variety show, “Take Care of Mom.” The paralyzed singer commented, “I want to give hope to infertile couples. I didn’t know ‘Take Care of Mom’ was a variety show. I thought it was an educational program. In our country, there are a lot of infertile couples, and I want to give them hope while on this show.”

Kang Won Rae

In addition, comedian Kim Hyun Chul, who also stars on the show, said, “I was diagnosed as infertile, but my wife and I overcame that and are now expecting a child. We hope that we can be a figure of hope.”

“Take Care of Mom” follows couples who are expecting, and the show plans to document every step the different couples take to prepare for their child. The couples of the shows are Kang Won Rae and Kim Song, Kim Hyun Chul and his wife, and Yeo Hyun Soo and Jung Ha Yoon.  

Back in 2000 Kang Won Rae had been in a motorcycle accident that caused him to be paralyzed from the waist down. We hope for the best to these future parents.