Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In Performs with Her Doppelganger, Stuns Crowd with Their Likeness

Brown Eyed Girls’ member Ga In and her doppelganger recently surprised everyone with their striking similarity. 

On January 30, the duo performed as “Yong In and Ga In” along with the rest of the Brown Eyed Girls members on MBC’s “Star Look-Alike.” 

The duo hatched a brilliant plan to create an unexpected twist to Brown Eyed Girls’ performance that day. Yong In performed with the other Brown Eyed Girls members in place of Ga In for “Abracadabra,” unbeknownst to everyone in the audience. Only when Yong In was performing her solo part, did Ga In suddenly join her on stage and surprised everyone. 

Ga In expressed her own shock at their similarity saying, “I was really surprised too, because people around me always tell me somebody looks like me. Turns out, people will pick out anyone who has small eyes and wears smokey eye makeup and claim they look like me. So there were a lot of times I was disappointed. But [Yong In] is pretty so it makes me happy.”